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Legislative Priorities

The Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce is committed to maximizing business development and economic growth of the community through advocacy, education, innovation and collaboration.

The Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has adopted the following Legislative Priorities to guide our efforts during 2021 and leading in to the next session of the Texas Legislature. These priorities, once adopted, help our community grow in a responsible way and address key issues related to our population growth.

• Maintain current funding level for the Texas Enterprise Fund
• Replace Chapter 313 of the Texas Economic Development Act
• Oppose discriminatory legislation and support legislation that promotes social equity and inclusion.
• Support for State and Local Economic Development tools used to compete for corporate expansions
and/or relocations and job growth.
• Oppose efforts to reduce local control of Economic Development

• Increase funding for the Skills Development Program and maintain Skills Development Fund Grants to
improve workforce training.
• Monitor legislations related to a competitive workforce and the costs associated with keeping a
• Support our partners in education, including but not limited to Leander ISD, Austin Community College
and other’s ability to use common sense approaches with regards to educating our future workforce,
funding, testing and support of staff.
• Support and promote Leander ISD and Austin Community College’s dual credit programs and other
programs that enhance workforce development with our future workforce.
• Support the District’s ability to allocate federal funds to their greatest needs; oppose measures that
restrict local control.
• Support increased access to H-1B Visas, STEM Visas and EB-5 Program.
• Support Workforce Development Programs and provide appropriate funding for these programs.

• Support local and regional transportation projects which will impact our
• Support regional decision-making authority by local officials to prioritize and
identify projects and funding.
• Support of International Trade Agreements that help improve and enhance Texas as a
Global Economy.

• Support enhancing the power grid, water utilities and future water plans, gas utilities and other vital
infrastructure to maintain and grow commerce.
• Work and monitor legislation and policies related to utilities.

• Work with City of Cedar Park to get correction of addresses that are improperly placed in a
neighboring community.
• Continue to advocate on behalf of the business community and work with the City of Cedar Park in
various ways to accomplish this.
• Monitor/Support/Oppose ordinances that may impact the local business community.

The Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce will work with factual information through documentation, reporting and subject matter experts.

The Legislative Priorities listed are not the only ways the Chamber will advocate for our members. The Chamber will continue to engage and monitor local, regional, state and national policies that may affect the business community in Cedar Park and will react to those as appropriate.

These legislative priorities were adopted by the Cedar Park Chamber Board of Directors on February 15, 2023.

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