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Certificate of Origin

Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce - Certificate of Origin Policy

A Certificate of Origin (CO) is needed by local companies who are shipping products to certain countries. The CO verifies the country in which the goods were manufactured. Some nations restrict imports from certain countries and/or limit the quantity of goods that are imported, etc. The companies who need Certificates of Origin are responsible for determining if and what type of CO they need. Because a CO requires the authorized signature of the local Chamber of Commerce and a seal of that organization, the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce will provide that service as outlined below.

Non-Member Fee | $75 per Certificate of Origin

Connect Member | $50 per Certificate of Origin

Visibility Member | 10 complimentary and each additional is $50 per Certificate of Origin

Investor Member | 25 complimentary and each additional is $50 per Certificate of Origin

President's Investor | 100 complimentary and each additional is $25 per Certificate of Origin

Chairman's Investor | Unlimited Certificates of Origin

Certificate of Origin Procedure

  1. The CO must be completely filled out and notarized prior to being presented to the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce for signature and seal.
  2. An indemnification certificate signed by a company officer must accompany the certificate of origin request before a CO is authorized (this can be done once yearly).  Contact The Chamber to get a copy of this form.
  3. COs should list product information verbatim to what is on the invoice. Do not leave off product numbers, quantities or descriptions.
  4. The Cedar Park Chamber only attests to the documents as they are presented—it is not attesting to the validity of the claim of where the goods were produced.  Furthermore, the Cedar Park Chamber will not be held liable if the U.S. Company does not present all of the appropriate documentation needed for international importation or exportation, or any other reason that may result in the company’s shipment being held at foreign customs.
  5. COs will be authorized at our office as scheduled. Representative must fill out and sign a log sheet.
  6. Fees are based on Chamber membership level and $75 for non-members.
  7. After the CO has been signed and sealed by the Cedar Park Chamber, it is not to be altered in any way.
  8. Do not wait until the day of your shipment to present the CO for signature. Expect your Certificate of Origin to take 24 hours to be completed. Feel free to call ahead to make sure of our office hours.

The Cedar Park Chamber staff member has the right of refusal for any document that does not meet these guidelines.