• About Us

  • Mission: “ The Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce exists to strengthen and improve the Cedar Park business community in order to promote the economic well being of all citizens.”

    The Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce has been the voice of the business community since its founding in 1973. A strong, dynamic business community benefits everyone in western Williamson County. The Cedar Park Chamber connects local businesses, service organizations and all levels of government to create an environment where people want to live, work and play.

    Who we are

    The Chamber is a voluntary, not-for-profit business organization dedicated to improving the economic environment of the community. As an active, problem solving organization, the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce focuses on business development, workforce development, legislative advocacy and membership services. The strength of the Chamber lies in its membership, small businesses, large corporations, home-based businesses, and professional men and women, working together to enhance the quality of life in Cedar Park.

    What we do

    Through a wide variety of programs and initiatives, the Cedar Park Chamber works to positively impact the quality of life in the region, while supporting the growth and prosperity of our members. Together with talented leaders in business, community, and government, the Chamber's volunteers and professional staff work to make this community a better place. From education to economic development, the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce is committed to giving each member the opportunity to prosper in today's competitive business world.

    The Chamber's primary objective is to improve the economic vitality of the Cedar Park business community. The Chamber provides a clear and persuasive voice for the business community, advocates for business-friendly legislation at federal, state, county, and local levels, attracts new businesses and industries to the community, and attracts new customers to member businesses.

    Where your money goes

    The financial investment made by members like you, in the form of dues, sponsorships and participation in events make a significant impact on critical business and community issues. The maintenance of an adequate level of support from all business and professional interests in the community is essential to finance the programs that are vital to community growth and development. By leveraging the talents and resources of our members we can improve the economic opportunities for everyone.

    Chamber Leadership

    Members of the Cedar Park Chamber are at the top of our organizational chart. Members are the strength of the organization, both as investors and the principal customers we serve. Our Board of Directors, committed volunteers selected from Chamber members, establishes our policies, sets the budget and implements our program of work.
    The Board of Directors elects an Executive Committee of eight officers to transact business between meetings of the Board. The Board employs a President/CEO, who hires a staff of professionals to conduct daily business and operate the Chamber office, and to assist the volunteers in the accomplishment of our goals.

    Program of Work focuses on member success

    The Chamber's professional staff and dedicated volunteers work diligently to connect your business with opportunities to succeed. The Chamber works with businesses and local service organizations to promote the economic health of our community. The Cedar Park Chamber is the primary source for businesses and individuals seeking information on the business climate in our community.

    Chamber Membership

    The Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce is more than just a plaque on the wall. Membership puts the information you need at your fingertips. It gives you somewhere to turn when you need advice or assistance. Membership also boosts your image in the community. According to a recent survey, respondents were 44% more likely to rate a business favorably and 63% more likely to want to purchase goods or services from that business if they know it is a chamber member. The bottom line? Chamber membership ensures that the opportunities you seek are within your grasp.

  • "The Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce is an important resource for the Austin Community College District.  The Chamber regularly refers new businesses to us for their workforce training needs. Additionally, we have worked with the Chamber to host job fairs, resume building workshops, small business expo, health seminars, and personal and business financial seminars. Through these activities, ACC is able to make additional contacts within the community and find new ways to assist our business partners and their families"

    -Linda Haywood,

    Austin Community College

    Austin Community College | LinkedIn

    Did You Know...

    Seven out of Ten consumers believe being actively involved in the Chamber is an effective strategy for enhancing a company’s reputation and for demonstrating that it uses good business practices (Shapiro).