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    Business After Hours is the Chamber's signature monthly networking event. Usually held from 5:00 - 7:00 pm, it's the perfect way to build new connections.

    Members talk business in a casual atmophere, share a libation and enjoy some delicious food. Whether you're a long-time Chamber member or have just joined our ranks, come out for Business After Hours - where business gets done in the Cedar Park area.

    If you would like to host a Business After Hours, please contact the Chamber via email; info@cedarparkchamber.org or by calling 512-260-7800.

    If you would like to attend an After Hours, please check our Chamber Calendar on this website.




    1. Bring lots of business cards.
    2. Discover what you can do for someone else. Networking is about creating relationships, not making the sale. You'll find it actually takes the pressure off.
    3. The name tag is worn on the right side. This is to provide an easy sight-line to your name when shaking hands.
    4. Review your "thirty second commercial"—a brief statement that summarizes what you do and the benefits you offer clients.
    5. Remember to circulate. Try to meet at least seven new people at each event. 


    Ask questions. This is a good way to discover what you can do for someone else. Ask a few questions to find out a person's passion and before you know it, you've started a conversation.

    1. What do you do?
    2. How long have you done it?
    3. What do you enjoy most about what you do?
    4. What types of individuals or companies do you typically work with?
    5. Have you been to any other Chamber events lately?


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