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    November 11, 2021
    (Cedar Park, TX) The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has awarded the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce with its designation of Accredited with 4 Stars for its sound policies, effective organizational procedures, and positive impact on the community.
    “The Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce receiving this accreditation is truly an acknowledgement of their excellent work,” said Raymond P. Towle, U.S. Chamber Vice President of Federation Relations and Institute for Organization Management. “Accredited Chambers are recognized for their ability to serve as a resource to their region’s businesses while maintaining transparent governance practices, sound financial controls, safe work environments, effective communications, and value in programming. They are commended for their continued advocacy of free enterprise and for this tremendous accomplishment.”
    The purpose of the U.S. Chamber’s Accredited Program is to facilitate continuing excellence in the Chamber industry and to foster a pro-business environment across America. In order to receive Accreditation, a Chamber must meet minimum standards in their operations and programs, including areas of governance, government affairs, communications, and technology. This extensive self-review can take 6-9 months to complete.
    Cedar Park Chamber President and Chief Executive Officer Tony Moline said, “Our team of staff and volunteers have worked hard on this for nearly 2 years. This Accreditation proves we accomplished what we set out to do and puts us in the top 3% of Chambers of Commerce in the United States.”
    Current Chairman of the Board Justin Wynter said, “Congratulations to current and former Boards of Directors, Past Chairs of the Board, the Chamber staff and many individuals who have helped make us a 4-Star Accredited Chamber. This puts Cedar Park in an elite category, and we will continue to advocate on behalf of all business in and around Cedar Park.”
    Raul Campa, 2020 Chairman of the Board added, “I want to congratulate the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce on accomplishing something most of us in the business community already knew – we have an amazing Chamber that gets the job done! The recognition is the result of many years of hard work by the Chamber staff and volunteers, and I am proud of this accomplishment and look forward to more great things from our Chamber.”
    There are over 7,000 Chambers of Commerce in the United States. Currently, only 200 Chambers carry the Accreditation designation. Texas has a total of 41 Accredited Chambers of Commerce, and the Cedar Park Chamber is one of fifteen 4-Star Accredited Chambers in the State. The final determination is made by the Accrediting Board, a committee of U.S. Chamber Board Members.
    Lyndee Matthews
    lyndee@cedarparkchamber.org, 5122607800