• PRESIDENT’S REPORT TO INVESTORS: Smoking Regulations for Businesses

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    October 09, 2019


    By Tony Moline, IOM, PCED President and CEO

    I usually utilize my President’s Report to Investors to discuss programs or events that have just happened or things that are on the horizon. I tend to highlight three or four different items and it is usually a pretty positive report. I feel the need to discuss one item and one item only today. Business advocacy.
    Many times, the Chamber of Commerce is in the background when discussing advocacy. We intentionally participate in many different discussions. I have had the privilege of representing the business community on several different committees the City of Cedar Park has had over the years. From things like the Comprehensive Planning Advisory Committee where I served as the Vice Chairman to the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee; from the Charter Review Committee to the Sign Ordinance Advisory Committee, and even some things in between.

    The Chamber is your business advocate inside these committee meetings. We are the face of many businesses. While you are busy growing your business, it is our job to make sure the conditions allow your business to grow to its full potential. I enjoy representing so many businesses in our community. From the “mom and pop shop” to the multi-million-dollar employer, we serve everybody in this business community.

    Recently, the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce has had to take a larger role in the public eye. The Chamber passed a Board Resolution in September opposing any change in the current regulations regarding smoking. A member of the Cedar Park City Council wants to take a hard look at regulating businesses’ ability to decide on whether or not to permit smoking at a business. The Cedar Park Chamber believes these decisions are best made at the business level and not at the government level.

    The Chamber believes that businesses are the best ones to make decisions regarding the clientele they serve. The marketplace helps decide what atmosphere people would like to patronize when utilizing a business for their services. If customers do not like what is allowed at a business, they have the ability to no longer do business there. The marketplace handles this, and it should not be a city ordinance that does this.

    You may agree that businesses should not allow smoking. However, shouldn’t that be left to the business? This could set a precedent by which a member of the Council believes they know what is best for the business community and they may pass a regulation you are not in favor of next time. We urge you to stand against any change in the ordinance that would take the decision-making ability away from the business owners.

    If you would like more information about this, please do not hesitate to email me at tony@cedarparkchamber.org.


    Tony Moline, IOM, PCED
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Tony Moline, President & CEO