• COVID-19 - What You Need to Know TODAY April 23, 2020

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    April 23, 2020



    Hopefully, everybody who receives this email received our new Wednesday Wellness Tips. This new weekly newsletter is sent to guide our community through the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic. You can view that newsletter weekly for tips on how to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.  

    In this week’s Wednesday Wellness, Dr. Cara Goodell with Family First Healthcare discussed the “Art of Practicing Self-Care.”  She discusses maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic, staying active and maintaining a regular sleep schedule.  



    As the government starts to take steps to re-open the economy, the U.S. Chamber has found that one sentiment prevails: Americans must get back to good health before we can get back to business as usual. “That means we need reliable therapeutic treatments, diagnostic testing, and, eventually, an effective vaccine,” according to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce newsletter. 

    Right now, there are 173 vaccine and treatment candidates in the clinical stages of development for COVID-19, according to data released by BioCentury. For more information on the efforts to get us back to business as usual CLICK HERE 

    Governor Abbott plans to issue an executive order next week which will address how and when businesses will open. The Governor said businesses will open in strategic ways that may vary in different locations depending on several factors including the growth rate of confirmed cases, the death rate and number of patients in the hospital with COVID-19. The opening of the Texas economy will begin after the expiration of his initial Stay-Home order on April 30th 



    Williamson County public schools are united in a mission to provide mental health support to students and families during this time. Each school district in the county has resources dedicated to helping students who are facing mental health issues or having a hard time while at home. The County is encouraging parents and students to watch the vides from their school district and utilize the resources that each district has available to support students as we all face the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic. For more information CLICK HERE 



    While it is easy to focus on what you and your business may be going through during these ever-changing times, do not forget that we are in this together. We all focus on our business right now, and that is what every business owner needs to do. Nobody wants to furlough or layoff employees. Nobody wants to change the business model that has made them successful. But we are all going through this. 

    Remember when somebody seems rude or upset when you see or speak to them, you do not necessarily know everything that is going on in their lives. Likewise, remember that others are going through the same situations and you may want to give them a break if you are frustrated because of other factors that are going on in your life. Be kind and be understanding. 

    Please do not forget to take the Williamson County Business Survey. As I mentioned yesterday, this is an extremely important survey that is being used county-wide. It was a topic of discussion at Commissioner’s Court and is being used by other municipalities as a tool to understand what is happening in real time with the businesses in the middle of this pandemic.  

    The partners in this program include the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce, City of Cedar Park, City of Round Rock, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, Hutto Chamber of Commerce, Leander Economic Development, Round Rock Chamber, Williamson County and Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area.  


    As always, you can forward this email to anybody you think would find value in it. They can sign up whether they are a member of the Cedar Park Chamber or not. We want everybody to be informed and continue to get updates on what is happening. Be sure to check in on your business neighbor. Stay Safe and Be Kind!