• Board Member Spotlight - Heather Gaddes

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    September 18, 2019
    1. Please tell us a bit about how your business got started. What is your mission?
         Independence Title started in 2005 when our Leaders, Brian Pitman and Jay Southworth had a vision, and left their respective positions as presidents of major title companies in Austin to create Independence Title Company. Independence now employs close to 400 people, and is licensed in more than 40 counties clustered around all four metro areas in Texas.

    2. How did you become involved in the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce?
        I have worked for Independence Title as a Business Development Representative for 6 years. At Independence Title, we are very involved locally with our Chambers in Texas. Independence Title has been a member long before I joined the team, but I made it a point to attend events when I could. Now, taking on a greater role in our Chamber and community.

    3. How does your business contribute to the community?
        We have an office in the Railyard on 1431 as well as on the border of Cedar Park at 183 and 620. We work with Realtors, Lenders, builders and developers. We help provide many tools, trainings and of course, title insurance to a large part of sales in our area. We donate time and sponsor events in our area, as well.

    4. What do you feel has been your contribution to your business and the business community in Cedar Park?
        I believe I help clients, as well as our community, grow. It is about growing relationships in our community in turn making us stronger.

    5. How do you feel the Cedar Park Chamber has contributed to your business?
        The people and connections you make at the Chamber spill down to your everyday business.