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    Effective Massage & Stretch (EMS)
    Job Description
    Welcome to Effective Massage & Stretch (EMS)

    We are seeking professional LMTs to join our team. We are unique, we are different, and we are established.

    The two-year COVID-19 impact expanded the appreciation of massage and its medical benefits. The sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic also brought awareness to the need for assisted stretching. By merging these two fundamentals, we have evolved our business model and the overall massage experience. Additionally, we embrace the innovation of highly effective Percussion Guns (massage guns) and incorporate them into our sessions free of charge, along with Hot Towels, Hot Packs, Cold Packs, and more.

    We are not a traditional retail massage clinic; we evangelize and promote a broad set of modalities and techniques that LMTs have accumulated to maintain their license over the years but often don't get the opportunity to utilize. TMJ, Reki, Cranialsacrol, and Fibromyalgia, to name a few. Clients are thrilled to discover all we can do for them.

    Our signature EMS Session which is only available for 90-minutes or 2-Hours incorporates assisted stretching that profoundly enhances the overall experience. The percussion gun significantly reduces the amount of physical exertion needed by our LMT and allows them to get to the tissue layers most in need quickly. The client is happy, The LMT exerts less energy, and the business redefines expectations, a triple win! This evolved model has proven that "Deep Tissue" is not the only way to achieve an EFFECTIVE massage.

    Finally, while we have only recently opened, we have over ten years of operational experience and a team of LMTs that range from 10 years to new grads. If you want to be a part of something different, something revolutionary, something that allows you to expand your horizon and extend your career, give us a call.

    The perfect candidate must be:

    - Licensed by the state of Texas

    - Current LMT Insurance

    - Knowledgeable and able to deliver a variety of therapeutic techniques.

    - Punctual, responsible, and self-accountable.

    Why choose Effective Massage & Stretch as the employer of choice:

    - Massage & Stretch only studio. (focusing on Medical Grade Massages)

    - Free Use of Percussion Technology reduces the impact on your body, extends your career, and delivers an effective massage.

    - Teamwork is our culture; we have a one-of-a-kind, self-managed model

    - Continuing education and certification opportunities

    - Clients are ready for you today

    - 401K **(after 1yr)

    - Eligible for employer reimbursement in the Cage-Free Care Wellness Program

    - No overhead cost to you; we allow you to focus on the client

    - Industry-leading hydraulic tables in all rooms

    - Optimized room size that allows a no-compromise massage session

    - Opportunity to get out into the community and have lots of fun!
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